“Those who Think they Can’t, Those who ACT, they CAN”

3I, Arpit Srivastava LEAD Prayanee 2018, for me LEAD PRAYANA is a Journey from Noun to being Adjective. LEAD PRAYANA is not a part of living while travelling, it’s an ART of Living life where I observe how people came across India & setup a positive environment for social ecosystem. People I met like Mr. Anshu Gupta, Founder GOONJ, Mr. Dilip Modi, CEO & Director SPICE CONNECT and intellectual Professor like Dr. Rajiv Sanghal, Director IIT BHU, Varansi had inspired and given lesson of attachment with social and technical nature.

Places like Varanasi, Chandwara Village, Vrindavan, Kanpur, Delhi NCR and Karnataka, every single place have became a transforming field for me. Domains like Social work, Science hub, Sports, Techno Innovate center, Delhi, shelter homes and Acknowledgement of Human learning which I perceive from these places helped me to define my Life Track.

1From the very first day of LEAD PRAYANA one thing sparked me is dedication and liberation towards society. My aim or I can say my objective of Life have been fulfilled with support of inspiring people I met in the journey. The Journey of 5000+ km, it seems long but when we have participants from different states and culture, then in understanding the diversity, it becomes short. “Twinkling in night and rising in day, I loved nature and the ecosystem of LEAD Prayana”. Those who were silent became vibrant so much that the unknown becomes known and Recognizable by other participants. The footprint Prayanees left behind became unforgettable memory. The series of meeting extra ordinary, outstanding Role Models on the paradigm of time became a source of inspiration to me. The coordination among LEAD Prayanees defined us as Family.

2My identity is by LEAD PRAYANA, I wish that one day in future, next Prayanees will meet me as a Role model. I’m still a LEADer in my eyes where I have to give opportunity to those who actually not aware about complexity of Life. I had made it simple, easy to think and then react after LEAD PRAYANA. A village (Chandwara) becomes an adjective for other village, a lady, a man from different places of different goals but aim was same to give something useful to society. One more thing when Role Model asks “Any Questions…???” then I never stop myself… I got so many answers of this complex life and one most powerful thing Bhagwat GITA, when it’s with you, one can not beat you. I learn how much Truth and Honesty is important in life. I saw reflections of Spirituality and Knowledge at same time on the bank of river Ganga that is Varanasi – for me it’s a city of Hopes.

4It’s true, I unleash my leadership potential with entropy of positive energy. I improvise my daily skills and became flexible according to environmental demands. I want to be like Rain Drops to fall from sky of LEAD PRAYANA, falls to give smiles on draught faces and places. I, Arpit from Lovely Professional University – Punjab, resident of Varanasi – Uttar Pradesh congratulate and thankful to LEAD PRAYANA team, Ek Soch Sandbox for giving me bundle of opportunity to INSPIRE, INNOVATIVE & ENGAGE self in action oriented surrounding.
“Those who Think they Can’t, Those who ACT, they CAN”.

Written by: Arpit Srivastava

Email: arpitamity.biotech786@gmail.com

2 thoughts on ““Those who Think they Can’t, Those who ACT, they CAN”

  1. Sir..u explained our journey in the most beautiful way… while going through each line i felt like m living those days again…..🌼

  2. I salute you for your tenacity of purpose and
    outstanding leadership qualities……. truly inspirational,wonderful journey 🙂

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