The UDAAN of Varanasi Girls


Throughout the history if you look deeply, you will realise that one of the major contributors to the Indian society have the active participation of some very focused and dedicated woman. LEAD village team have been a beacon of hope. Vasanta College for Women, Rajghat, Varanasi (BHU) students made possible something which left the impact and change in Kotwan village in Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh). Kotwan is the very first LEAD village. LEADer  Mandavi Singh, Aditi Arun, Masfa, Kavita, Twinkle Singh, Stuti and Abiha  mainly focused on providing elementary education, raising awareness about female hygiene, women education, school development, Green and clean village.

This project came to life after the Independence day celebration with the Primary school students in the LEAD Village which was an initiative taken by the LEADer Mandavi Singh. The whole team was touched by the experience, by the innocuous smile on the children’s cheeks. They all were inspired and decided to do something much bigger than this. Consequently they stepped in to adopt the entire village under LEAD VILLAGE Project by Ek soch Sandbox.

IMG-20171127-WA0057Their journey started with school development. The condition of school was in a very bad shape, LEADers took the initiative to change the whole interior and exterior of the school by painting and plantation. School beautification took place, volunteers painted the hallways, classrooms and decorated a beautiful LEAD wall. The aim was to provide better ambience for the students. It was appreciated almost by everyone.

IMG_20171114_112209They moved to their next journey ie. Children education. Education is indeed right of every child irrespective of their Caste,  creed, color, gender, language. LEADers were aware of all the condition of education in the school, so they intervened with the aim to create vibrant atmosphere for children so that they can be able to grow with the full potential. LEADers faced many challenges during this transformation, but their determination was much higher than the challenges they faced. This initiative is purely successful with the highest child education rate in the LEAD village.

IMG-20171126-WA0014After this successful accomplishment the team was enthusiast to work on Woman education. So it was their next initiative which dealt with the non formal education who have had little or no schooling at all. The aim was to teach basic literacy skills so that they can understand the words and numbers. The LEADers taught them Hindi and English alphabet with the help of posters. There was enthusiastic response from the Villagers which led to 50%woman education rate in LEAD village.

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-31 at 13.39.12This success led the LEADers for one of the most sensitive initiative of woman hygiene. The LEADers created an awareness programme about menstrual hygiene and introduced sanitation napkin. Majority of rural women employ the same cloth for more than one month by wrapping one on another. It was one of the challenges for the LEADers to convince them to even talk on this topic. They somehow convinced them and created awareness about the infections and disease caused because of the way they use clothes. With full conviction they  informed that the cloth might predispose woman to reproductive tract  infections since it is very difficult to keep the cloth clean and free from harmful bacteria. 25% of the women were already using the sanitation napkin but after this awareness programme around 90% of them started employing sanitation napkin.

IMG-20171128-WA0127Mr. Dilip Modi, Chairman & Director Spice Mobility and Founder Ek Soch Sandbox inaugurated the LEAD VILLAGE project and appreciated the whole LEAD Village team and their Mentor Mr. Chandan Tiwari, Program Associate LEAD at Ek Soch Sandbox.

One of the best result, LEADer Mandavi Singh got National level award for her initiatives at YUVA SUMMIT 2018, a national youth conference in Karnataka. Slide14

The LEAD prepared the LEADers to make a difference, stand out and leave an impact along the way. Working in village has it own challenges and left impact on all. LEADers initiatives are well appreciated by Gram Pradhan, Villagers and Others. Their initiative is a benchmark and inspiring for other girls and college youth. The youth along with their studies making the difference in the society. Their actions proves, Complaints… Start with THEY, Solutions…Start with I, with their positive mindset towards society.

Written by: Ritu Singh



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