“Empowering Women – Empowering Humanity”

“warrior-your story isn’t over yet”IMG_4815ddIMG_4721
Call it an event or a celebration, but for those beautiful female warriors in police uniforms, it was all about recognizing their gestures. The International Women’s Day Celebration  was headed by Ms. Jyoti Yadav & well volunteered by LEADer Twinkle & team. The Police women of 8 Police Stations (Dashaswamedh, Luxa, Cantt, Bhelupur, Chowk, Chetganj, Kotwali & Lanka) arrived there with a thought in their mind to have some official meeting. But they were amazingly surprised to see the kind welcome & appreciation for the service they’re providing to the society and nation. ‘Dreams without Fear’ is something that they were carrying on their shoulders along with the beautiful smile which was enough to inspire hundred of women gathered at Jal Police, Dashaswamedh Ghat, Varanasi.IMG_4747
The exchange of stories between LEADers, the common people & those fighters made us realize about the sacrifice of their sleep, family bonding, comforts & luxurious life , they do for the safety & security for us. LEAders were curious as well as delighted to have their company. Students weren’t afraid to raise questions & the best part was they were equally interested in answering us. Unbothered by negative souls, they are their own kind of beautiful heroes, who have decided to achieve their aspirations & contributing in nation’s building.
IMG_4820They were not only thankful for the kind of respond & warm gesture they were receiving from LEADers but also they were amazed to see the involvement of youth in ‘police-public relation’.IMG_4780
When they were given an appreciation certificate, a glimpse of their smile said everything what their words couldn’t. At the end they made this quote so meaningful, “they came, they stayed & they conquered”.IMG_4732




Written by: Niharika Bhardwaj

Email: niharika171b@gmail.com


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